Woodworking Advice for the Beginning Hobbyist

I started this blog with the idea that there may be a number of people out there looking to expand into woodworking as a hobby. This is not for the seasoned or professional woodworker but is intended as a guide and resource for anyone who has thought about starting, or has already started, a small hobby workshop of their own. In the following articles I will share some of the ideas and mistakes I made in trying to establish myself in this very interesting hobby. I will also provide some woodworking hobby and project ideas, plans, and techniques I have collected and created.


Because there are differing degrees to this, or any, hobby I will be writing into three different categories on this site. The first category I will address is information relating to the very basic form of woodworking as a hobby known as Whittling and/or Carving. This first category will deal mostly with non powered hand tools.

The second category I plan to elaborate upon is a more intermediate, and expensive, hobby which includes mostly hand powered tools. The last category is for the more advanced and hardcore hobbyist possibly leading to a means of supplemental income. This last category will address mostly the larger tabletop and standing power tools.

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Woodworking is an enjoyable activity.

Woodworking is a delightful leisure activity. It could make helpful items that are eye-catching and also functional. It requires ability and also precision. Woodworking tools are separated into two basic groups: power tools and hand tools. Operate devices include those devices powered by electricity, such as a table saw, miter saw, operate drill, and also operate sander. They also contain pneumatic tools, which are powered by pressed air, like nail guns and operate blades. The classification of hand tools includes hammers, hand saws, knives, airplanes, screwdrivers, wrenches, and also pliers.

Woodworking is a time recognized tradition that is commonly passed from moms and dad to youngster. Although the tools are one of the most acknowledged implements in a craftsman’s workshop, the crafting devices are just as important. Having the ideal supplemental aspects can decrease the possibility of mishap as well as injury.