My Uncensored Review of Woodworking4Home

Hi, John Deva here, you’re going to read my uncensored review of Woodworking4Home. This is based from an actual user, so please continue on reading to learn more of what I think about this product.

Note that this is a review, I may have good and bad points about this product, so if you’re looking for the Woodworking4Home website then CLICK HERE.

Why I am writing this?

Well, when I was thinking of purchasing the Woodworking4Home Ebook, there weren’t many real reviews out in the web. So I thought of creating one for other viewers who were in the same position as I was. Mainly I am writing this because I had a bit of a problem with my wood work projects before I stumbled upon this product, and what was my problem? Well it was that most of the free plans I get over the internet are really hard to follow, they offer complicated plans and designs that were just really difficult for beginners like me. But not the Woodworking4Home Ebook.

What is Woodworking4Home ?

woodworking4home reviewIt is an e-book created by John Metz that you can download once you ordered the product. It consists of over 14,000 step by step plans and designs which are very easy to follow along with video tutorials for demonstrating how to do everything.

It’s got a huge number of fine wood working plans structured by subject. The woodworking plans, ideas and diagrams are rapidly available on a personal computer at any time. It’s as easy as choosing which kind of project to consider. Just click the button for the project and after that select from the many woodworking blueprints accessible. The project guidelines and blueprints could be left on the computer for simple access you can also keep these things printed as well.

What are the Good and Bad Points for this Ebook?

– Well it’s not free.

You would think, there are a lot other woodworking plans and designs out there in the internet, which is FREE right so ? – why buy this stuff?

Most of these free sites offer impractical wood working plans, not as simple and detailed as this one. In the long run, those plans that you get from free websites will just leave you to a project that you can’t finish, the reason being, the plans just don’t work, it’s too complicated to follow, which will just lead to wasted time and money. You wouldn?t want that right?

14,000 plans can be a little too overwhelming.

But who doesn’t want this kind of information at the palm of your hands right?

Is Worth It?

Overall, I personally found the plans in the kit to be very helpful, to tell you frankly, I am a beginner on this and I really want everything to be a simple as it can get and this product did that for me, more so the experienced ones. Further I no longer get stuck on my wood working projects, I just build from one project to the next. Another advantage is that since these are files, I don’t have to go through pages and pages of plans. I just search with a click of my finger and print any plan I want at my convenience. Although, it can get a bit overwhelming having 14,000 plans at the tip of your fingers, but then again just pace yourself for the woodwork projects to come.