Cool and Multifunctional Baby Crib Woodworking Plans

Most parents must certainly want to have a realy good crib to their baby. There have been a number of baby cribs produced and sold in toddler’s shop. Many of them are great, but somehow it is just not enough for us. Most people might experience that feeling. If that happens, then why not making our own baby crib woodworking plans? If we do not have the skill, then we may cooperate with an expert of it. By that, we can create our own crib. Moreover, it can be made to be multifunctional too. How to do that? Here are some of our thoughts.

Baby Crib Woodworking Plans with Storage

Baby Crib Woodworking Plans

Have you ever thought a baby crib combined with storage? That might come in handy to all parents. The storage can be drawers or shelves. It can be attached to one side of the crib. It is perfect to keep baby’s clothes and diapers. In addition, it is also possible to install one under the crib. This one is a good place for bed linen as well as blankets. This type of baby crib woodworking plans will allow parents to do changing clothes and diapers more efficiently. We do not need to back and forth from crib to storage anymore. Not to mention, the baby room will be more spacious. As a result we can put some other things there.

The Application of Baby Crib in Loft Bed Woodworking Plans

Usually, when people have a baby, they will prepare a room specially made for them. But, what if they have another child? Sure, some of us might have a house with many rooms. Yet, not all people are like that. In this case, we may put two children together in one room. The baby sleeps in the crib and the other child is on a bed. Doesn’t that take too much space? Do not worry since both beds are actually one part as a loft bed. Loft bed consists of lower and upper bed.

Baby Crib Woodworking Plans

In this part, older child will apply the upper one, and the lower bed will be used by baby. Hence, rail will be installed on the lower one to guard babies from falling. What’s more interesting about this combination is that we can change the lower part as the baby grow up. By that, no need to buy new bed, which will save us some money. All in all, this is a great thinking for loft bed woodworking plans.

Baby Crib + Cradle

Putting a baby to sleep is quite hard to do. We usually do it by holding and swinging gently. However, when we try to put them into a crib, they sometimes will wake up again. That must be so tiring. Well, a baby cradle might help us a lot here. It is like a rocking chair specially made for babies. We only need to put them there and dandle it smoothly. It is better to have a crib combined with cradle. Baby will grow up and be very active soon. If we put them into a cradle, they will probably fall. Yet, if it can be turned into a regular crib, no more worries. That must be so cool for baby crib woodworking plans, right?