Building The Perfect Bird House Plans

Have you always wanted to build a bird house but do not know where to begin? Folks, it’s rather simple to build a bird house if you make use of the wide assortment of free bird house plans and┬ákits available. Additionally, there are tons of online resources available to aid you in your quest. However, understanding which kind of bird house is best to build can be a daunting task. Some might say that it is even more critical than the actual plans themselves when it comes down to trying to attract nesting birds flying around.

Selecting The Best Bird House Plans

bird house building plansRegardless of whether or not you have been interested in carpentry or woodworking for years or are just curious and are looking to get started, you are in luck. There is a bird house to build that has your name all over it. Before you decide on which one is right for you, look through each and every option to decide on a plan that best fits your needs and skill level before moving forward with a plan. When you are looking to build a house to suit the birds, make sure to pay attention to the following 3 things.

Size Of Entrance Hole

This can determine whether or not the bird is actually able to enter the house or not. Think about the type of birds that you might want to attract and size your entrance hole accordingly. There are many resources available be it online or in print to assist you with locating adequate dimensions.


Simply put, this can ensure that the blueprints you are deciding to follow are favorable to birds. In doing so, you really want to look out for things like ventilation holes to keep air flowing through their homes. Additionally, you also want to make sure that any materials use are using are bird-friendly first and foremost. There are products out there than can be harmful to the feathered creatures and you really need to research the materials involved before getting started.


This will ensure that the bird’s nesting requirements are being met sufficiently. Again, this boils down to research and the amount of information available out there is endless. You need to determine the types of birds you wish to attract and what their nesting habits are. In doing so, you can then adjust your bird house plans to fit their needs.

Subsequently, if you are concentrating on building something you can actually complete, you might want to consider the following.

What kind of skill set do I need to complete this

barn birdhouse plansYes, I know this seems like a no brainier, however you’d be surprised at how many people get very excited about their first bird house build, only to find out that they really lack the necessary skills needed to complete the job. Again, there are bird house plans out there for people with every skill set, so be sure to make sure than any plan you take on is well within your comfortable skill set.

Do I Have The Right Tools

Again, in keeping with choosing a plan that fits your skill set, you want to ensure that any project you embark on calls for tools that you have readily available around the house. Unless you are turning your workshop into a bird house factory, there really is not a need to go out and buy a bunch of tools you don’t need and probably will never use again. Make sure that each plan is specific in what tools are required and make sure that you are finding plans out there that match the tools you already have.

Can I Follow The Instructions?

You need to read the plans carefully before going into the project. Make sure you aren’t skipping steps as you read through the blue prints. Often times, people will embark on a build for the first time and glance over important parts of the process they are not familiar with. This will not be a productive way to begin the process and chances are you will more than likely end up with a half complete bird house in the end.

Now, once you have found a plan that you want to work with, you are now well on your way to having a great new addition to your backyard.