Building A Safe Bird House With Detailed Bird House Plans

By and large, many bird lovers simply enjoy having wonderful bird houses in their homes. This gives them great delight in observing bird families while they hatch babies, grow and mature into beautiful creatures. Sadly, it can be extremely devastating should tragedy strike one of the bird families. It’s not easy to predict and bird hazards come in many forms, shapes and sizes.

To prevent tragedy from striking your favorite feathered families there are many things to look for. They include predators, poor climate as well as illness which can take its tool on the family. Make sure you are always prepared for optimum safety when It comes to your bird house and you can ensure that you will increase the odds of having a healthy feathered family for many years.

Protect your bird houses from predators.

blueprint birdhouseUnfortunately, this is a real concern for your birds. Thus, you need to make sure that you are keeping them safe at all times. There are many creatures out there who live to do harm to your feathered friends so make sure you are always on the look out for them. Typically, backyard predators can include stray cats, racoons, squirrels, dogs and even other bird species who could injure or even kill baby birds as food or to take over the bird house as their own nesting site. To fully ensure that your birds and bird house is completely safe from outside predators, you need to follow these guidelines to keep them out of harm.

Remove All Perches

Birds do not need them to access the house. Actually, in many ways they can do much more harm than good since they can provide easy and convenient access for would-be predators,

Train Your Pets

It is crucial for you to train any outdoor pets you have to stay away from the bird house at all times. Such ways to train them might be to use behavioral conditioning with a water hose to keep them away. Additionally, this same method can also be used on squirrels or any other wildlife you might find creeping around the bird house. If you are patient and diligent you can prevent these animals from causing serious damage to your feathered family.

Check Dimensions

You must make sure that the bird house opening is the right size for the species of birds you are aiming to attract. Failure to do so can have devastating consequences. For example, if the opening is too large, you have now opened the door for predators and other bird species to come in and take over. The measurements must be exact and there is no room for cutting corners with this precaution. Again, failure to do so can be detrimental to you and your bird house goals.

Proper Positioning

By keeping your bird house away from brushes, trees or other greenery, you are making it much more difficult for would-be predators to stage an ambush. Keep in mind however, that you must keep the bird house close enough to plants in order for parent birds to effectively scout the area. A general rule of thumb is that five to eight feet is typically sufficient enough for most bird houses to get by with. Additionally, you must keep your bird house away from popular feeding areas to ensure that you don’t find territorial conflicts between feeding birds and nesting parents on your hands. Creatures can be very territorial when it comes to their food and improper bird house positioning can carry deadly consequences.

Make It Blend

You must ensure that you are using natural colors with your bird house. This ensures that it can easily blend in with the surroundings. For the most park, browns and dark shares of green are the ideal color choices you want to use. What’s more, they are the most attractive to birds. Whenever possible, be sure to only use natural materials. Decorative items such as ornaments will make the bird house easily visible to predators so it’s paramount to make sure your bird house is concealed. In conclusion these are the most important steps you should watch for when you are looking for new bird house plans.