Awesome Loft Bed Woodworking Plans that are Worth to be Realized

Having a loft bed is pretty cool for some people. This bed usually contains two mattresses. One is at the bottom, and the other is on top. To get to the top, a ladder or stairs are equipped. This type is quite favorable to use for two children in one room due to its saving space feature. It can also be found in student dormitory. In this generation, loft bed woodworking plans have been through some changes. In some models, the lower bed is not applied anymore as a bed itself. Instead, it is used for something else. Here are some examples of them.

Loft Bed Woodworking Plans for Studying and Sleeping

Loft Bed Woodworking Plans

As we said before, this type of bed is preferred by children or teenagers. Normally, loft bed is used by two people. However, nowadays there are some beds which are only applied by one person. The upper bed is still maintained. In contrast, the lower one has been changed for other usage. In this part, it is for studying purpose. It has a table which the width is half of the upper bed. On here, we can place our studying equipment, including printer, computer or laptop. Furthermore, drawers can be installed under the table as a storage for books and other stuff. In our opinion, loft bed woodworking plans complete with studying table is quite genius.

The Combination of Loft Bed and TV Stand Woodworking Plans

Loft Bed Woodworking Plans projects

Is it possible to include loft bed on TV stand woodworking plans? The answer is yes. As a matter of fact, we have found one that steal our attention. We said that some loft bed take away the lower bed for other function. This one does not do that. How come? The TV stand is installed at the center side. At the bottom, there is still more room for another bed. What makes this bed more amazing is its storage system. There is a number of drawers equipped beside the stand as well as above the lower bed. In addition, the stand also has a couple of shelves for books. With all these things, no wonder if any teenagers or kids could be so happy if they have this bed. In our opinion, this could be one of the coolest beds ever in the world.

The Complete Set of Loft Bed

When children have a loft bed in their room, they usually utilize it to bring out their imagination and creativity. They can use it to create an adventurous atmosphere such as pirates, space ship, castle, etc. This will be more creative if they have a complete set of loft bed. We will take one plan as an example. Imagine two beds are set in L shape. On the edge of one bed, there is a ladder, while the other one has stairs. There is another bed under the one with ladder. Under the bed with stairs, there is a table and drawers. Besides being able to be used for three children, this will develop their creativity even further. No need to say how awesome if people could realize the loft bed woodworking plans.