Adorable Rocking Horse Woodworking Plans You Can Try

Hello to all daddies and mommies. Today we are going to discuss about rocking horse woodworking plans. Who does not know rocking horse? Almost every child around the world love this simple yet fun toy. They can ride it while swinging up and down with joy. They can imagine themselves as a cool cowboy with their brave horse. Isn’t that cute? Anyway, this toy has been so famous since a long time ago. In the past, its design was simply wooden flat-looking horse in brown color. Now in this modern era, we can find them in various mode.

Rocking Horse Woodworking Plans with Fabric

rocking horse woodworking patterns

As we said before, the design of classical rocking horse woodworking plans is basically a wooden horse with thick and flat look. For some people, this design does not look realistic as a horse. So, what to do then? Well, in present, there is a slight evolution going here. Some rocking horses are now combined with with soft and furry fabric. To describe it, the woods are used as the basic frame of the horse shape. Then, it is covered with the fabric. To make it fluffy, it is stuffed with cottons. As a result, the horse will look like a stuffed doll. Unless, this one can be ridden. The comfortable seat due to the cottons is a plus point here.

Rocking Horse Matched with Baby Crib Woodworking Plans

Rocking horse is usually put in a baby room. This factor inspires some carpenters to design one that matches with baby crib woodworking plans. The matchy matchy parts can be seen from its color or even theme or concept. In color, if the the crib is dark brown, the horse would be light brown. Or, if it is black and white, it will be a white horse with black spots.

rocking horse woodworking projects

What about theme? To illustrate it, if the crib is like a bed for royalty, then the horse would be dressed luxuriously. The most interesting one is possibly if it uses magical theme. There are two designs here. One is made with a horn on top of its head (unicorn). The other is completed with a pair of wings on its back side (pegasus).

Rocking Horse Based on Cartoon Characters

Even though it is not made yet, but rocking horse woodworking plans based on cartoon characters might be a great idea. The characters can be from movies or TV show. Let’s say horses like Shang in Mulan, Pegasus in Hercules, or the funny Maximus in Tangled. However, at this moment, children probably would love to have one which is based on a show called My Little Pony. There are so many horse characters there. Not to mention, the fact each of them is in different color can interest kids. If toddlers love it, then they are lucky. It is because there have been some rocking horses which are inspired from this show. We can find them in both wooden or fluffy design.