A Review of John Metz’s Woodworking 4 Home Product

Are you like my buddy Greg, who works full time during the week, but really enjoys spending his limited time on the weekends building all sorts of really cool projects for his beautiful home and lucky family?

Searching for a comprehensive collection of plans and details that provide simple step by step instructions, materials required, and tools needed to complete a professional project in a reasonable amount of time?

Or maybe you are like my neighbor Jim down the street, who seems to own just about every woodworking tool imaginable, the envy of the whole block, looking for his next masterpiece project to wrap his arms around?

Dealing with an ambition to dive right in and begin working?

If so, Woodworking 4 Home could be a tool for helping solve these problems, and many more.

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I went ahead and purchased Woodworking 4 Home and here are just a few highlights of some of the things I discovered from the huge selection of do it yourself plans and how to guides included with this product:

Woodworking 4 Home Review

Woodworking 4 Home ReviewIf you don’t own an expensive lathe machine, the author provides a foolproof method for building table legs that look lathe-turned using a router with a 1-in. rad. rounding-over bit and a wood chisel. This tip is detailed and illustrated with the Shaker Style Table plans on page 598. I think just learning about this tip was worth the price of the whole product.

If only I had known about this simple 17-step sequence for constructing an attractive and highly functional garden shed, I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort. If you’re like me, you will appreciate these tips on pages 154-162 of the Garden Shed plans, where the author goes into great detail about this topic.

On page 308 of the Bunk Bed plans I found out about some simple steps that are guaranteed to save you time and effort using your planer to mill stock wood to final thickness. I’d recommend this section to anybody who has a project that requires a fair amount of planing and milling.

This simple technique of building professional quality custom picture frames was a complete eye opener for me. Once you read all about it, you’ll be as eager to try it as I was. The entire process is described on pages 329-338 of the Custom Picture Frame plans.

If you are like many others trying to minimize project cost and material waste, the author provides a detailed wood cutting diagram and instructions to build a complete adirondack chair with only six pieces of wood on page 392 of the Adirondack Chair plans. I think you’ll appreciate this section.

Now of course, Woodworking 4 Home may not be a perfect solution for everyone.

You may find a project you want to build that requires a specific tool as outlined in the instructions. Now, you might be able to get creative and find a workaround, but if not, you may find yourself in need of going to your local hardware store and adding a new tool to your collection.

While there are a vast amount of step by step instructions and illustrations, there are certain skills that are needed to produce the desired end results. This may require hands on practice and experience to master these skills.

But if you are looking for a comprehensive collection of plans and details such as those mentioned above, I think John Metz’s Woodworking 4 Home can probably save you a lot of time, effort, and maybe frustration to help you get started right away on your next project.

To get your own copy of Woodworking4Home, CLICK HERE