5 Tips For Your Woodworking Safety

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Do Not Drink In Your Shop

Woodworking is a hobby and craft enjoyed by many throughout the entire world. It has been this way nearly since the dawn of time. Perhaps now more than ever, more and more people are taking an interest in this enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, sometimes people fail to act accordingly and safely when working with these dangerous tools. Sadly, drugs and alcohol are sometimes a part of people’s workshop which can lead to severe and dangerous consequences.

Avoid At All Costs

It sounds pretty rudimentary to think, however some do not take this to heart. Substances like drugs and alcohol do not mix well in a wood shop. Sadly, even weekenders think that it is a harmless thing to crack open a cold beer while performing tasks. This is not a good idea. Many things can go wrong with this combination is in effect and none of the results are positive. It is best to steer clear of your wood shop if you are even close to be under the influence of any intoxicating substance.

It Won’t Happen To Me

The scenario goes like this. You want to build a bird house for your wife. She has been nagging you all week to do this, but you wait for the weekend when you have more time to work on it. It’s Friday night, you have had a long week and decide to pop open a cold beer. You feel that you deserve it after the week you have had. Around your third drink, you decide to start tackling that bird house you have been wanting to do.

You aren’t buzzed by any means so you figured you can handle making a few small cuts with a hand tool because you aren’t working with power tools. Well, suddenly the blade slips and now you have a serious problem on your hands. Sadly, this type of nonsense happens in garages every weekend and is reason why you should never be remotely near your wood shop even after one drink. Woodworking, can be a dangerous activity even under sober conditions. You see, just the slightest lapse in judgement can carry devastating consequences. Safety should always be your first priority. As such, you must be alert and pay attention to everything happening in the wood shop.

It’s Not Better The Next Day

Yes, being highly intoxicated while operating a potentially deadly piece of equipment is bad news all around. It’s best to save that stuff for the end of your day altogether. If you have an evening of drinking or drugs, make sure that it is completely out of your system before performing any woodworking activity the next day. Working with a hangover of if you are are tired can be just as dangerous and carry the same consequences as drinking while you are woodworking.

My Doctor Gave It To Me So It’s OK

Wrong! Drugs, prescription or not is no different. I have heard or seen many people receive serious injuries as a result from using one type of pill or another just to keep them going throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if your doctor gave them to you, the dangers are still as severe as if you are using illegal street drugs.

If you are worried that a prescription medication of any form might be preventing you from having a clear mind, have a conversation with your doctor about it. Do not be ashamed about it. This is not a time for you to ‘man up’, despite what people might say. Tell them that you need to be a optimum functionality while on the job and that any mental lapse in focus can have severe consequences.